ASHRAE Technical Committee 5.8 - Industrial Ventilation

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TC 5.8, The Industrial Ventilation Technical Committee for ASHRAE is concerned with industrial environments as they affect in-plant personnel, processes, and equipment. It embraces supply air cleaning, heating, cooling and exhaust ventilation.

Activities & Areas of Responsibility


Our Handbook Subcommittee, chaired by Dr. John McKernan, is currently responsible for the maintenance of the Make-Up Air Units Section of Chapter 27 - Unit Ventilators, Unit Heaters, and Makeup Air Units in the Equipment Handbook. They are also responsible for Chapters 29 - Ventilation of the Industrial Environment and Chapter 30 - Industrial Local Exhaust Systems in the HVAC Applications Handbook.

Our Programs Subcommittee, chaired by Mr. Al Woody, PE, is currently planning Seminars on a Case Study of Industrial Ventilation, Strategies for Maintaining Industrial Ventilation Systems, and Ventilation of Hazardous Spaces, along with a Symposium regarding Displacement Ventilation.  In addition, we are working closely with Mr. Matt Hargen, a member of the Conferences and Expositions (CEC) Committee to gain their acceptance of a Track theme for Ventilation of Hazardous Spaces in the near future.

Our Research Subcommittee, chaired by Mr Wayne Lawton, PE,  is committed to supporting SPC 110 which drafts Standard 110 - Laboratory Hoods and SPC 199, which is developing Standard 199 - Method of Testing Fabric Filters. Particularly, our liaison serves as the Chairman of this Subcommittee and the Chairman of both SPCs.

Our Standards Subcommittee, chaired by Mr. Deep Ghosh shares knowledge with other groups within ASHRAE that maintain Standards SSPC 15 - Safety Code for Mechanical Refrigeration, SSPC 62.1 - Ventilation and Acceptable Industrial Air Quality, SPC 11OR - Performance Testing of Laboratory Fume Hoods and Guideline 21 - Battery Room Ventilation.

Our most recently formed Subcommittee, chaired by Mike Baucom, is currently developing an outline for a new Handbook Chapter or Standard which is intended to address Ventilation of Hazardous Spaces.


Working Relationships

TC 5.8 is most closely affiliated with the efforts of Technical Committee 9.2 - Industrial Air Conditioning.  As a testament to this relationship, many of our members also serve on TC 9.2, including our Chairman and other distinguished members of our committee.  Reciprocally, Mr. Vernon Peppers, the current Chairman of TC 9.2 serves on our Committee.  We also have strategically aligned interests with Technical Committee 5.4 as Chaired by Mr. Gerhard Knutson - Industrial Process Air Cleaning, and retain Mr. Leon Shapiro as our Liaison to SSPC 90.1.
Leadership & Participation Opportunities
CAPT Kenneth R. Mead, Ph.D., P.E. CAPT Kenneth R. Mead, Ph.D., P.E.

Captain Kenneth (Ken) Mead is a Senior Research Engineer assigned to The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s (CDC’s), National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH).  Ken has been with NIOSH since his transfer to the U.S. Public Health Service from the U.S. Army in 1993.  Throughout his military and public health careers, Ken has served in many capacities within the engineering and occupational safety and health communities, focusing on indoor environmental quality, industrial ventilation, and protective engineering designs for occupational safety & health.  He is a registered professional engineer (mechanical) currently assigned in the Engineering and Physical Hazards Branch, NIOSH Division of Applied Research and Technology.  Ken’s most recent research focus is on healthcare facility protective design issues, to include engineering approaches to protect against infectious aerosol exposures and hazardous drug exposures.  In the construction sector, Ken’s current project focus includes the design and/or evaluation of engineering controls on asphalt paving equipment, asphalt milling machines, and concrete dowel drilling machines.  Ken is a past member of the ACGIH Industrial Ventilation Committee, and in addition to TC 5.8, is a member of the TC 9.11 Clean Spaces and TC 9.6 Healthcare committees.

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